Millcreek Manufacturing

High Quality Specialized Spreading Equipment

Why Choose Millcreek?

Millcreek sets the industry standard for high quality, top value material application spreading equipment for the golf course, sports field, equine, vineyard, orchard, and nursery markets. No other Manure Spreader, Side-Discharge spreader or Top Dresser is manufactured like a Millcreek.

Manure Spreaders

For thirty years we've been building the best-engineered, highest-quality Manure Spreaders on the market. Our full range of spreader models and feature packages is sure to offer the perfect spreader for your needs.

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Side-Discharge Spreaders

With high efficiency and customizable settings, Millcreek's Side-Discharge Spreaders are perfect for applying wood chips, mulch and compost materials on berry farms, orchards, vineyards and nurseries.

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Top Dresser Spreaders

No other Top Dresser spreads as many types of material, wet or dry, as a Millcreek. From sand and infield mixes to wood chips and compost. Now you can top dress anytime with the speed and precision you need.

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